In collaboration with DEAR PIGS
'Design like you give a damn'
Want to see your craziest ideas come to live? Want to spend a weekend in the funkiest place in Brussels and meet some new people? Fancy building the city together? Then we’ve got some good news for you! Cultureghem is organising it’s first Design Jam and you are very much invited!
Last year we started working on our magical plan to transform Abattoir into the biggest covered playground of Brussels. We’ve developped COURT CIRCUIT, a PLAYBOOK, added our BARATTOIR lunch restaurant but now it’s time to take the next step: PLAYBOX. PLAYBOX is a series of gigantic mobile cubes filled with all the tools the kids need to create their own playground. We’ve developped the first four ourselves, check the progress here and asked the neighbourhood kids to share their ideas for the next in line.
Now we’re inviting you to really build the city together. In a fun filled weekend we will split you up in teams and set new challenges, very playfull challenges: Develop the kids ideas into buildable structures as crazy as you can!
Want to come? Register here!
Cultureghem is changing Abattoir in the biggest urban playground and needs your help to build it.
Design, draw, test and create our next series of PLAYBOXes.
Build the city together and create an environment where children can live their wildest fantasies.
What’s in it for you?
Meet a new bunch of inspiring, creative people
Spend a weekend in the biggest marketplace of Brussels
Great atelier and toolshop at your disposal
Sharpen your creative process
Tasty and healthy food provided all weekend
open bar at the end for all participants
Designers, builders, architects,…
anyone with an explosive mind and love for the city
Saturday 9/4
10:00 Design Jam brunch: Get to meet the participants. Team selection and brainstorm: set your mission
11:00 Design session 1
... Open bar and discussion all day long
Sunday 10/4
10:00 Design session 2
All day long brunch buffet, open bar and lots of ideas flowing around
18:00 Final presentation
What to bring?
Your favorite pencil, CAD program or building tools
don’t worry about food or drinks, we’ll take care of everything
Abattoir Anderlecht
bureau Cultureghem, Entrée des Caves
Ropsy Chaudronstreet 24
1070 anderlecht