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Collectmet Deliveries Team

COLLECTMET DELIVERIES continues to expand; in 5 weeks we went from 135 people to more than 500 people who receive healthy food packages delivered by bicycle. On Monday 4th of May 2020, Minister Benjamin Dalle handed over and tested the brand new bicycles, which will allow the number of deliveries to double.
Thanks to the financial support of many growfunders, who gave 10,320 € in 5 weeks, and thanks to the support of the King Baudouin Foundation, Collectmet Deliveries can purchase fresh fruit and vegetables. As long as the large weekly market of Abattoir remains closed, this is an absolute necessity for the many families in vulnerable situations within the Cultureghem network.
Collectmet Deliveries started from the need for an adapted approach to the Collectmet project as a result of the corona crisis. Instead of recovering food surpluses from the market, food is now being purchased. Instead of meeting and sharing at Abattoir, food is now delivered in people’s homes.
COLLECTMET DELIVERIES started exactly 1 month ago. And it progressed immensely. The number of bicycle deliveries evolved from 38 bicycle deliveries for 135 people to 150 deliveries to provide more than 500 people with healthy food. The food packages are pimped with craft materials for children from the VGC, games around Keith Haring from Bozar and a poem via Max Temmerman. Fresh meals are also supplied to numerous Brussels organizations. 
Thanks to the Flemish-Brussels fund of Minister Dalle, the bicycle arsenal of COLLECTMET DELIVERIES is expanded. Minister Dalle took it upon himself to take on the first round of delivery this week to test the material and to support people. London tech company Quantexa helps to determine the optimal delivery routes for cyclists with an AI algorithm so that the direct impact is increased by 20%. Uber eats for people in need is only a step away.