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What is KOOKMET?


Our favorite instrument to bring people together


On Mondays and Fridays we offer educational workshops. Monday is KOOKMET RECUP, Friday KOOKMET CLASSIC.

We also invite companies to come with their team and cook with neighborhood schools to shop together, and then eat

KOOKMET is first shopping at the market, then cooking up a healthy meal on our fully equipped kitchen carts and sharing all that good food together.KOOKMET is our favorite instrument to bring people together. We're opening the city's best pop-up restaurant with healthy, affordable meals, and most importantly, our funky mobile kitchens! Our tables are visited by thousands of visitors from hundreds of different countries, but they are also available for schools, our partners, organizations and companies who want to come and enjoy the magic of KOOKMET for a day. All in a unique and wonderful setting: the market of Anderlecht Slaughterhouses.

We work with very different organizations, invite market visitors to our table, connect classes from Flanders with Brussels classes, and show this city as it really is: supercool and superdiverse.

KOOKMET is a transdisciplinary tool that works on different aspects such as health, sustainable development, social skills and creates links by reflecting this unique reality that is Brussels. Whether it's Friday, when the market is in full swing, or any other day of the week, anything is possible.



From September 2018, a new educational workshop will be launched on Monday to raise awareness on food waste.


KOOKMET Recup teaches participants how to cook a good dish with unsold products from the biggest market in Brussels. We cook on our mobile kitchens, under the big covered hall of the  slaughterhouse market, turning it into a neighborhood kitchen and a guest table for everyone at the same time.

KOOKMET Recup is also fighting with us against food waste and poverty in Brussels. We learn how cooking together is fun and that sharing makes us happy!

To discover KOOKMET more closely, we invite you to the biggest market of Brussels. Mr. Philippe goes with his class to KOOKMETKLAS, where children learn more about the place and the city. It also teaches you how to reduce food waste and why we do not throw fruits and vegetables as soon as they have a small stain.

With the unsold fruits and vegetables of the market, we work to create 2 hours later a healthy and unforgettable lunch. Whoever wishes invites passers-by and hungry people to the table for a delicious meal in a beautiful historical setting. After doingdishes, we organize a short reflection. With the class, we make a small cooking sheet, as a permanent memory of your stay with us.

Creative cuisine and sharing around a table, every Monday from 9 to 14h.

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Watch our KOOKMETMOVIE here and our KOOKMETRecup video here to get an idea