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Cultureghem is not a finished product.
Cultureghem is a work in progress with no comfort zone, always different, always searching, with trials and errors.  
Cultureghem is a team where you always find allies.
Cultureghem makes spaces available -equipped with cooking and playing tools- offers possibilities and creates opportunities.
Seize them.

The threshold is low.  
Young or old, from the neighbourhood or further, everybody is welcome.
Do you have a cool idea for a project with kids? 
Or you simply like working with youth?
Are you a good cook?
Or do you just want to help with KOOKMET?
Are you handy, social or digital?
Do you want to help with KETMET or COLLECTMET?
Send an email to

Do you think that Cultureghem is fantastic and you want to support us financially? 

BE86 0688 8956 9950
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